ever forget a post in drafts? and don’t remember writing it… well here’s one?

I am seriously so overwhelmed. My phone is blowing up and I literally do not have near as much free time as I would like for all these wonderful pieces of meat. SO WHAT DO I DO ABOUT IT...I complain a little, then sleep and gym CAUSE SELF CARE THE BEST CARE PEOPLE. that and … Continue reading ever forget a post in drafts? and don’t remember writing it… well here’s one?


Okay People

I'm alive. very unfortunately. kidding kidding life has been great (shitty times of course) but still great none the less. shall we recap? LETS! So last we chit chatted i was... ugh dumb with the feels. so dumb. the guy was a loser but hey, turn me the fuck ooon. Our "thing" went on until … Continue reading Okay People

What in the actual fuck just happened 

Ok so it's been a while. I've literally had zero free time and the free time I've had, has been with family and friends.  But.  Do I have a story for you..  Set aside the unfortunate drama that comes with this (if you're reading this, then stop you won't like the details, love you and … Continue reading What in the actual fuck just happened 

Sweet Baby Yeezus. 

I'm a monster. A dick hungry monster. Why. Why the fuck do I do and say the shit that I do and sayyy when I drink.  Regardless of looking back at last night's Harlow, it was at hell of a night out! Best one in a long time 😂 maybe grab some popcorn, let's see … Continue reading Sweet Baby Yeezus. 

Hot Mess.

Wtf 😂 ever look at yourself in the mirror, shake your head at yourself and your poorly made decisions? Ya. Ya I do. And I walk away laughing. Is this a problem? Guess we'll find out. *goes to make more shit decisions*  Did I forget to mention I may or may not have sent Spence … Continue reading Hot Mess.


(OK you guys this was a longer one that I thought it would be) Sunday morning. Suns coming up. I look over at Spencer and wonder wtf did I just do all night 😂 Let's back track okay.  Just moved into a new place, everything was getting settled and pretty looking on Saturday and I … Continue reading S.Cole